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The Best Hot sPot in Suriname: Squeezy

Squeezy is Suriname's most famous hot pot restaurant, unique in food and dining experience. By presenting their restaurant online, Squeezy wanted to give customers a better taste of their warm service.

It was a fun challenge for us to translate their vision into a simple web design where customers have easy access to their menu while also being aesthetically pleasing. Our best strategies were to opt for vibrant colors (red and green) and add animated objects with catchy phrases. These allowed Squeezy's online presence fun and attract the right customers; those who want a fun dining experience. We also ensured that the website maintains its charm and speed on mobile devices.

In bringing Squeezy's vision to life, we made them the first hot pot restaurant with a website in Suriname. Overall, creating an online experience that is visually pleasing and convenient has been the recipe for success.

Visit Squeezy Hot Pot Restaurant to view one of our finest works.



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