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Modern Website for The Caribbean Rice Giant: Manglie

When Connectiff was approached to redesign the website of The Caribbean Rice Giant, Manglie, our team was thrilled. It was a great challenge for us since the old website contained a lot of text with bright colors and was fixated on a very conservative-looking structure.

Being elaborate but minimalistic in design and content while maintaining the brand identity pushed us to think out of the box. We derived our inspiration for the layout of the website from their logo; an arc that is well known for Manglie. By using the same colors of their logo, blue and yellow, we also ensured that it accurately represented the company. We updated their packaging with a fresher look to make it more inclusive. To give it the modern look and create a more welcoming ambiance for visitors, we added an animated display of the company and its rice fields.

Our next challenge after the first hurdle was to put as much information as possible while making sure not to dominate every page on the website with text. This required us to develop creative and concise copywriting that fit the company’s narrative. In the end, we delivered a website that meets our quality standards and fits into the vision of Manglie to strengthen its position in the region.

Visit Rijstfabrieken Manglie N.V. to view one of our finest work.


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