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Suriname’s Greatest Sports & Entertainment Channel

Suriname Cable & Communications Network, SCCN in short, has kept the Surinamese community educated and entertained through the latest movies and hottest sports news. Since its founding in 2000, they have become one of the leading sports & entertainment channel with licenses to broadcast games like the UEFA Champions League and NBA. But their website was outdated, even though it had unique features such as a live stream that enabled people to comment. It also didn't showcase their prominence as a leader in the media. Luckily, Connectiff knew how to create the right image for SCCN.

SCCN was very precise with the design of its website. They wanted a modern and clean look for their website. Their vision board included high-standard American channels like FOX News. Despite being deeply inspired by this project, it pushed us beyond our skills because we had to incorporate technical features in our web development system, such as the live stream, add a live chat, and block the website for specific regions.

For the design, we opted for a dark theme that projects the aesthetic of SCCN with a clean and simplistic look that goes well with sports and entertainment as the highlight of their channel. We also created the website's design to align with how they position themselves as a leading channel in Suriname's broadcasting network.

By developing their website and launching it, SCCN has become the very first TV channel in Suriname with a modern website attracting thousands of viewers daily. In the end, their vision and our creativity produced a major hit.

Visit SCCN to view one of our finest works.


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