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We Are Connected

Technology evolved and created two major worlds we now live in. One is the world where we remember our childhood, the good old days. And the other world where almost everything happens virtually, at the click of a button. In many ways, we are connected, yet many of us still crave human touch. Connectiff took birth to create a harmonious bridge between these two worlds. 

Our Values

They keep us going.

Quality & Efficiency

We deliver our best work with

utmost efficiency.

Human Touch

We constantly remind ourselves

of the human touch.


We have no office or working hours, and we are flexible.


Projects Completed


Designs Delivered


Satisfied Clients

Our Story: Born of Passion,
Guided by Connection

Born from humble beginnings in a modest room, with a half-functioning laptop as our loyal companion, Connectiff has blossomed into a trusted and imaginative agency over the last three years. We've extended our creative influence across Suriname, the Netherlands, Guyana, and beyond—wherever there's a call for creativity, we're there.

Our faith lies in the power of human connection and the limitless potential within each of us. Our talented team of freelancers, each offered an opportunity to nurture their skills and polish their talents, fuels our drive. Because we believe that passion is the true compass of the heart.

Partner with us, and we promise you a journey that is as remarkable as our genesis. Get ready to be #Connectiff.

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