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Suriname's Largest Happiness Centre: Yoga Peetha

Branding and creating the website for Suriname's largest happiness centre has been a thrilling experience for us. Our biggest driving force has been Yoga Peetha’s vision:

If there is a mall for food and clothes, there must certainly be a place for you to feel at ease, explore freedom, and experience happiness.

Creating a logo that represents Yoga Peetha’s vision, while also making clear that it’s a physical location, has been the challenge. After long brainstorming sessions we came on the brilliant idea to implement the centre’s architecture in the logo; its roof! By doing so, we made sure that the logo is directly recognizable and that Yoga Peetha’s vision is conveyed as accurate as possible.

Yoga Peetha Happiness Centre's logo is inspired by its roof.

“Please make our appearance online as calm and inviting as our centre.”

Arti, the founder of Yoga Peetha Happiness Centre, vision for the website was very clear!

We opted for meticulous copywriting and fine details on a seamless structure that reflects Yoga Peetha Happiness Centre’s calming nature.

Laptop on desk.

Connectiff works and thinks along with you to find the best solution possible. They are fast, skilled, highly creative, and motivated while maintaining a unique style in working. - Arti

Visit Yoga Peetha Happiness Centre to view one of our finest work.



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