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SAF TRADE: We Bring You the World

SAF Trade has become synonymous with quality and variety. As an importer of famous brands like Jumex, Comfort Love, Turbo Plus, and many more, SAF Trade's promise has always been clear: "SAF Trade, we bring you the world." But how do you take this world and make it a part of every Surinamese household's daily life? Enter Connectiff.

A World in Every Post

Connectiff's mission was to elevate SAF's social media presence to resonate with the totality of Suriname. The strategy was to create an everyday look and feel, transforming global brands into local friends. With visually appealing posts that captured the essence of daily life, Connectiff turned products into experiences. A sip of Jumex became a refreshing pause in a busy day; a touch of Comfort Love turned into a moment of relaxation; Turbo Plus became the hero of household chores.

The informal captions were more than just words; they were conversations. They spoke directly to the people, engaging them in a dialogue that was both familiar and inviting. This approach ensured that the products were not just seen but felt, understood, and embraced.

The result was astounding: an engagement growth of more than 200%! But beyond the numbers, it was the connection, the sense of belonging, and the way Saf Trade's products became a part of the daily narrative that marked this campaign's triumph.

As Saf Trade continues to bring the world to Suriname, its social media presence, carefully crafted by Connectiff, stands as a testament to its slogan. It's a digital world where every post is a journey, every product a destination, and every engagement a connection that transcends borders. Follow SAF Trade on social media and be part of a world that's both global and local, vast and intimate.



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