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Greenheart: Cultivating Community in the Digital Age

After having rebranded and created a website for Greenheart Suriname, setting up a social media presence was the next step to connecting them with the Surinamese community.

As with rebranding their website, we aimed to present relevant information. Producing engaging content, like posting statistics and interviews of employees that describe their role in the company and their experiences, also gives people an insight into the culture of Greenheart Suriname.

For their presence on social media, we opted for an aesthetic that blends a corporate look with a simplistic design. We also applied the same colors of their logo, green and white, to represent them accurately. Overall, Greenheart Suriname's social presence reflects the company and its mission.

It is a pleasure working with Connectiff. The professionalism, the creativity, the support, and the feedback from them are fantastic working journeys. - - Greenheart Suriname

Visit the social pages of Greenheart Suriname to view one of our finest works.



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