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A Visionary Partnership in Eyewear Marketing

Optiek Ninon stands as a beacon of quality and innovation as Suriname's largest retailer in eyewear. With a growing presence in Guyana, Optiek Ninon has been a trusted name for those seeking the perfect blend of fashion and vision.

A Journey of Collaboration

Connectiff and Optiek Ninon's collaboration is not just a business relationship; it's a partnership built on understanding, creativity, and a shared vision for over the last three years. We have supported over 50 campaigns and designed hundreds of visuals that resonate with Optiek Ninon's brand identity.

Crafting the Perfect Image

Our approach to Optiek Ninon's marketing needs has been meticulous and insightful. We have taken the time to understand Optiek Ninon's vision and translated it into multi-media designs that are not only visually stunning but also commercially effective. One of the standout aspects of this partnership has been Connectiff's commitment to delivering excellence, even under tight deadlines.

"Connectiff is the marketing partner that understands our vision and can translate that very well into multi-media designs with the necessary commercial insights. They're always ready to help you meet unrealistic deadlines and are happy to give advice and tips when developing any designs. As long as the customer is not satisfied with the product or service, it is not finished with them and they continue until everything has been delivered to their satisfaction." - Optiek Ninon

A Partnership that Sees Beyond

Optiek Ninon and Connectiff's collaboration is more than just a marketing success; it's a story of two companies that see eye to eye. It's about taking a brand that's already loved and making it even more accessible, appealing, and successful.



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