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Rebranded: Greenheart Suriname

Rebranding Greenheart’s logo and the website was an exciting project for us. They’re a certified forestry multinational that started operating in Suriname in 2011. And currently, Greenheart Suriname is one of the largest wood-producing companies in the nation and across the Guyana belt. Our mission was to transform this foreign company and make it appear more like a local business.

Recreating their logo was the first approach to accomplishing such a task. Greenheart’s previous logo was a four-leaf clover, which doesn’t relate to their operations in a tropical environment. This thought process led our creative superpowers closer to home: The Rich Surinamese Forest! Suriname is approximately 94 percent covered with various wood species. With this incredible source, we came upon the idea of three vertical lines for the new logo design that stands for the different wood types Suriname offers. We also added a green leaf that not only represents the evergreen trees but also symbolizes sustainability, to which Greenheart has dedicated its work.

Being accessible and still significant while maintaining a clear structure was the next challenge for rebranding their website. We wanted Greenheart represented as an equal in the Surinamese community. And we achieved that by providing them with sufficient information about Greenheart’s operations and contribution to Suriname via the current website with a suitable logo.

Visit Greenheart Suriname to view one of our finest works.



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